Who we are

What is PLAYYCE?

Place /plās/:
1) A building or locality used for a special purpose
2) A building or area occupied as a home

Playyce /plās/:
1) A special building or locality occupied as a home to actively experience life joyfully.

When we were inspired to create PLAYYCE® we integrated the word "Play" in the name because life is about how we play! Life is not all about work & neither is your home! Where you call home determines how you play - What do your nights look like? Are you near your favorite gym or running trails? Love to eat? Love to cook? How does your Family & Friend time all tie in? Does your home match your ideal lifestyle?

What We Believe

We believe home selling and buying should be FUN - It should also be made as simple as possible with caring people by your side, to help you understand the process and look out for your best interest.

What We Do

Your privacy, cutting edge technology and Human touch customer service are keystones to our Model. All in order to deliver a higher level of service, consistency and outstanding value to our clients.

What We Provide

We look to provide you with Honesty, Knowledge & Peace of Mind so that, You feel empowered enough to make decisions that make best sense for You(not anyone else). We hope in return we'll earn your business, trust and hopefully friendship too!


As PLAYYCE® Professional Real Estate Consultants we have committed to The 8 PLAYYCE Principles  and have surrounded ourselves with the resources and vast network to deliver on the questions that we are presented with on a daily basis. We look forward to providing you answers and solutions for your real estate needs, so that you can be happy and confident when we help you find your perfect PLAYYCE.

PLAYYCE® Where You Live To Experience Life®"