My Home Listing Expired Now What

My House Listing Expired, Now What?

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By Bryan Vasquez 

If somehow you’ve landed here, you either received a copy of our book,  How I Sell Homes Others Failed to Sell or perhaps you are surfing the internet digging for answers/solutions to your problem.

Now if you’ve made it this far, I don’t need to tell you anything about the stress, frustration and disappointment of failing to sell your home or the flood of phone calls & mailers you have been, or are currently receiving – However, I will say pure and simple I think we can agree things will be much, much better the sooner you do sell your home 🙂

Perhaps such a simple statement inspires the question, “If it’s that simple, then why did my house not sell already?” And frankly the simple answer to that question is in the data. What do I mean by data? I mean it is easy to observe when a property is listed, if it is having enough web traffic, which in turn leads to inquiries, that lead to actual showings and boil down to real offers. At the end of the day any home seller has only 3 things that they can control or influence.
Who they hire for the Job, Condition of Their Home, and Pricing. And as a fellow human being I hope you can successfully discern the many factors at play when selecting a firm to maximize your profit. Yes the Job description is simple however, the tasks have many evolving factors at play and even some secret strategies or strategies not known by many.

::Mistakes:Now just like anything else there are plenty of chances to make mistakes, and in the case of selling a home BIG mistakes. (((And just to be clear mistakes are different from Deal Hiccups.)) In an opportunity that is likely the LARGEST financial transactions of your life you can both possibly save and make thousands extra or lose thousands extra. I’m not saying this to scare you, I’m saying this because I want you to be aware and sure hope you don’t make mistakes or hire someone that does. 3 of the biggest most important mistakes we’ve seen are
#3 Not Understanding the Necessary paperwork. Sounds simple enough and you may say, “Don’t I just need a sales contract?” And an easy answer may be, “sure”, technically that may be all that is “necessary” for a sale to occur however, in our modern litigious society there are a great number of additional disclosures and protocols that are hugely beneficial in helping protect yourself or minimize the possibility of litigation during or after your home sale. These additional protocols and disclosures evolve year after year and are best understood by those that partake in real estate transactions/ sales on a daily basis. Bonus points to those professionals that partake in proactive education above and beyond the minimum in order to better help their clients navigate a most beneficial & profitable home sale.
#2 misunderstanding the correct market value of your property. Now with home valuations floating all over the internet and access to more sales data than ever before one would think that price is… well, EASY. However the reality is that many home valuation sites in their fine print will simply admit a little secret and that secret is… they are wrong the majority of the time. Yup! You heard correct, wrong! I know what you’re probably thinking I’m going to say, that in most cases that the price suggested is too high – and in some cases that may be however I have also seen a decent number of times that the price is Actually TOO LOW! And I’m not talking hundreds, I’m talking thousands, in some rare cases 10’s of thousands!!!! Now these price variations are not usually simple to find or decipher they take hours of experienced research to uncover and fine tune, many times with information that has a higher level of accuracy than sometimes publicly available or understandable. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes the pricing out there that is public facing is close to being right on the money. However it will never be 100% accurate because property condition is one of the hardest things to assess.
THE #1 The Absolute BIGGEST MISTAKE that I have observed, sadly, multiple times, is folks getting so desperate that they believe a cash or instant offer is the solution. Let me say Seller BEWARE! Seller Beware, I have personally seen with my own 2 eyes instances where sellers have been in my opinion Robbed! Robbed out of $10, $20, $50, $100k!!! These are cases where literally nothing was done to improve the value of the sellers property, yet immediately re-sold for more money! Nothing! No remodeling, no paint, not even given a deep cleaning. Absolutely 100% NOTHING! You may be thinking well how on Earth is that even possible? Or legal?! Well, Trust me I am in as much disbelief that someone would knowingly leave that much extra cash on the table however, IT HAPPENS! Would You?
Let me share with you a little story in order to help illustrate. Back some time ago there was a person that happened to have a lamp you know one of those genie type lamps not the ones with light bulbs now-a-days. Well one day after falling on some hard times the owner of this lamp needed some money to pay off some bills and buy some food. Now in the past they had seen some signs around town saying “We Pay Cash for Lamps!” And even heard around town that there are several people that will buy lamps for cash and this was important because normally selling a lamp took time since they were so valuable many people would need to take out loans in order to be able to purchase lamps and banks ha well they wanted a ton of info in order to lend and that took time. Time this person did not have because their hard time happened fast and unexpectedly and they needed the cash yesterday. So they reached out to one of the cash lamp buyers and told them they were interested in selling their lamp and asked when was the soonest time they could meet? To which the Cash Lamp buyer replied well I’m looking at one other lamp right now that I may buy and I’m probably only going to buy one today but your lamp sounds possibly interesting, how about I come by later today and have a look, and if I like it I’ll buy it today! This made the lamp seller very happy and excited because they really needed the money asap and money today would make their life much easier. Well sure enough the cash lamp buyer shows up later in the day and looks very carefully at the lamp, they measure it, they test the material and make notes on the lamp condition. The cash lamp buyer doing the math in their head says I’ll pay you 80 pieces of silver today knowing full well that they could easily re-sell the lamp for 120-130 silver pieces to someone as-is or spend another 10 silver pieces to professionally polish the lamp and add faux jewels making the re-sell value closer to 190-200 silver pieces. Well the lamp seller had done some homework on the value and replied “I Was thinking more along the lines of 150 silver pieces.” After a long silent pause the Cash lamp buyer said “the highest that I can go is 100 silver pieces, but I am going to need a few extra days in order to get the extra 20 silver pieces.” They then extend their hand and ask, “Do we have a deal? “. Well the Lamp seller thought they may be able to get more however they didn’t have the time to keep calling cash lamp buyers to give them bids, they wanted the money now. Reluctantly they talked themselves into taking the 100 silver piece offer. As soon as they shook hands the Cash Lamp buyer had the lamp seller sign a contract. With that contract the cash lamp buyer now had something called equitable interest, meaning if someone came and offered the lamp seller more money they could not accept it as the cash lamp buyer was entitled to complete their purchase. The cash lamp buyer knowing this begins offering the lamp to other cash lamp buyers but for 130 silver pieces! Knowing they may be willing to spend 10 silver pieces to professionally polish the lamp and add faux jewels then hope to re-sell the lamp yet again closer to 190-200 silver pieces to a final purchaser which will enjoy the lamp for many years. Well after shopping around the original cash lamp buyer in a matter of days finds a buyer willing to pay them 135 silver pieces AS-IS. At that moment the original cash buyer contacts the Lamp Seller and says “Let’s finalize the deal at the market today”. The Lamp seller says Great! And they head over to the market where they will have a 3rd party fill out the paperwork needed to make the sale final. Well in this case the 3rd party is also notified that the cash buyer also has a cash buyer that will buy the lamp from them for 135 silver pieces the moment the sale for 100 silver pieces is complete. The Lamp Seller arrives with their lamp, they sign the papers and the 3rd party gives them a check for 100 silver pieces. Cash Buyer arrives signs papers and leaves. The 2nd cash buyer arrives with 135 silver pieces, signs papers and leave with the Lamp in hand. The 3rd party then sends a check to the Original “Cash” buyer who NEVER really had the cash!!

I hope you were able to see the parallels in the story to a real life scenario. Now the GREAT News IS

In most every case we can make you more money, with the same minimal hassle by getting you multiple CASH offers. I think we can agree that if you were to walk into a market and observed an item that you believed you could

::Solution: Alright spent enough time on that one however (IF) by any chance you have ANY doubt, I also Iike to present possible solutions to challenges rather than just leaving people hanging, We are Professionals here at PLAYYCE and we want YOU to Succeed – We absolutely want you to sell your home and move forward in your Dreams and We do not mind taking some of our time to give you a Complimentary Maximum Profit House Valuation®. No Strings and Complimentary* To leverage our knowledge all you need to do is click the link and provide a little info then our Experienced Seller Consultants will get to work

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